August 27, 2013

Newly Minted Vintage: 1990 Chiffon Dress

Though the definition of vintage clothing is pretty ambiguous, many vintage clothing sellers online are glad to embrace the 1990s (or at least the first part of the 90s) as newly minted vintage.

This dress is a striking example of just why... the print-on-print contrast is refreshingly "new", the colors are fresh, the ensemble has a striking effect with a retro vibe.  It suggests late 1930s sun dress though the bouffant effect is decidedly 90s, along with the bright leggings.

1990 creation by Annabel Ingall and Jane Lambert of Sydney Australia.

This was likely a boutique design at the time, or an art-to-wear ensemble from an artisan's workshop.  The print on the hat is custom-painted to match the chiffon, depicting sea horses and oceanic life in colorful whimsy. 

It has just as much attention to detail as its older vintage counterparts, but updated (so to speak), and with a more modern fit and feel.  We're beginning to see why so many vintage clothing shops incorporate 1990s fashion, and we are too... when they're as chic as this newly minted vintage design!