May 24, 2012

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May 13, 2012

Model Mothers of 1944

On Mother's Day of 1944, Life Magazine highlighted the busy and beautiful lives of fashion models who also happen to be moms!  The captions are telling, with each woman's name written second in line behind her married name.  Note the vintage clothes and playthings too.  Lots of fun!

Mrs. Eugene Cronin Jr is a hazel-eyed brunette who is known professionally as Sabina.  Her maiden name was Sabina Weber.  Married in 1941, she has a 20-month-old daughter, Sabina III.  She occasionally has to get her mother or aunt to mind the baby while she goes off to work.  Sabina III did some modeling for Vogue Pattern Book when she was four months old. 

 Mrs. Saul Vogel is sleek Bijou Barrington whose phenomenal success as a fashion model started after the birth of her son Bobby nearly 3 years ago.  Bijou commands top rates - $15 an hour or $70 a day - and is often booked solid for weeks in advance.

 Mrs. R.J. Riordan is Francine Counihan, sister of famous model Anita Colby.  Last year Francine went to Hollywood to appear in the movie Cover Girl.  Columbia Pictures kept her there for six months and she resigned four times because she wanted to get back to her children.

 Mrs. Emerson Dickman Jr is Connie Joannes with a son 18 months old and another baby due.  Connie is as beautiful as when she toured country in 1941 as the "Coty girl".

 Mrs. Jut Kent, who is Carol Kent, has an 8-month-old son Jon.  Carol's modeling specialty is making funny, but attractive faces.  Once a week, on the nurse's day off, she stays home with Jon and enjoys it.

 Mrs. Edmund Johnstone (Margaret Horan) returned to work after having a second daughter, now 4 months old.  Her older daughter is 3.  Margaret brags about the time she modeled in a fashion show when six months pregnant.

Mrs. Robert Davis is Bettina Bolegard whose cameo-like face makes even zany hats look elegant.  She lives seaside in New Jersey and often gets up at 7 AM to keep her New York appointments.

Mrs. Francis T. Dickson began to model soon after her marriage two years ago.  Her son Douglas is 8 months old, has eight teeth, none of which show in this picture.

A fascinating look behind the scenes of some beautiful, motherly vintage fashion models.  And to all the moms who love vintage clothing, have a fabulous Mother's Day!