May 27, 2014

The Pleat According To Dior

Monsieur Dior says -
 For years pleats have been, and will continue to be, a high point of fashion.  I love them because they are feminine, energetic and moving.  They always give a look of simplicity that I like very much.  They are very young.

With pleats you may put the greatest fullness in a dress without making it look bunchy.  They are very slimming and becoming to almost every woman.

They are very versatile, too - you can have box, accordion, unpressed, inverted, and sun-ray pleats - and they all have their uses.

Photo: Vogue, March 1, 1955.
Source: The Little Dictionary Of Fashion by Christian Dior

May 07, 2014

Top 5 Vintage Clothes To Wear Now: May 2014

Photo Of Pale Blue and White Seashells NecklaceBold Necklaces: As the temperature climbs and necklines open, a big necklace is the perfect vintage accessory.  Go bohemian or Hollywood, Polynesian or preppie... with vintage necklaces you'll find every style.  One size fits all, so they're beautiful gifts too.

1930s Inspired Sunwashed Cotton Top by Sweet Baby Jane Size 0 1Classic Cottons: There's a good reason everyone loves cotton... it keeps you cool and crisp, and our collectible selection of vintage summer clothes includes lots of this classic fabric.  There's everything from denim and canvas to one-of-a-kind cotton prints.


Confection Pastel Tiered Vintage NightieVintage Nighties: There's only so many months in a year when flannel stays in the pajama drawer, so break out the beautiful lingerie while the weather's warm.  Vintage nightgowns like ours are ultra-feminine and ever-gorgeous, and most are wash & wear nylon that dries wrinkle-free.

Reversible Vintage Swim Suit Turquoise Hibiscus Floral Size 9 10Retro Swimwear: Made plans for the summer yet?  We bet they involve a cabana and a mai tai.  Dress the part in classic style with a vintage swimsuit for one-of-a-kind poolside appeal.

Terrific 1960s Velvet Strawberries Basket PurseNovelty Handbags: Bring a conversation piece along for the day!  Vintage summer handbags can look good enough to eat, like the fruit salad bag at left.  Others are preppie chic in canvas totes, or glamorous in vivid flowers and fabrics.  From straw and wicker to jute and sisal, summertime vintage purses are a special splendor all their own.

April 20, 2014

17 Ways To Wear a Vintage Dress Clip

Even a seasoned jewelry collector may ignore the vintage dress clip.  They seem like an anomaly.  How do you wear a dress clip, anyway?  Seems like only my grandmother would know.  After all, we don't see dress clips in modern design, so there's a mental block when it comes to using them.

1950s seashells dress clip and matching earrings.

But a dress clip is versatile, kind of like an earring that clips to a garment.  Usually women wore them (and still wear them!) at the V point of a neckline, or in the corners of a square neckline.  And here's a bigger variety of ways to use the "old-fashioned" dress clip:
  • Added to a chain as a pendant for a necklace
  • Worn on a hat
  • Closing a scarf
  • Tipping the point lapels of a collar
  • Clipped onto a pocket
  • Edging the hem of a pair of gloves
  • Made into a sweater clip by joining a chain between them
  • Instead of cufflinks for French cuffs
  • Holding a rolled-up sleeve in a loose cuff
  • Dressing up shoes instead of shoe clips
  • Clipped onto the flap of an envelope purse
  • Slipped onto a simple ring for a cocktail ring look
  • Altered into earrings by a jeweler
  • Converted into a pin by adding a safety pin inside a garment, with the pin's bar exposed to hold the clip
  • Flanking either side of a belt buckle
Antique style dress clips - only $10!

There's always a unique array of vintage dress clips on our website.  Now that you have a unique list of ways to wear them, include a dress clip in your next vintage-inspired outfit!

Opal lustre dress clip and matching earrings.