November 01, 2014

1946 Vintage Movado Watch Catalog


March 1946 Movado watch catalog.  Scroll on
for a terrific array of 1940s vintage Movado watches.

Movado Automatic

Solidomatic - Acvatic

Calendograf - Acvatic

Premier Des Premiers Prix- Mouvement Ultra Plat

Mouvement De Forme Ultra Plat - Ultraplan

Ascensions Stratospheriques 1931-1932-1934
Controle Les Observations
Des Professeurs Piccard Et Cosyns

Movado Est Classe En Tete De Liste
Observatoire De Kew 1928-1930
Mouvement Economique Plat

Movado Ermeto - Pullman 8 Jours

Mouvement Economique Plat - Movado Solidograf

Tempograf - Cronacvatic

Dispositif Chronographique Brevete

Pocket Watches

Grand Prix - Avec Felicitations Du Jury - Bruxelles 1910

Movado Remporte Tous Les Premiers Prix
Concours Annuel De Reglage
Observatoire De Neuchatel 1936

Observatoire De Neuchatel 1912

Grand Prix - Barcelone 1929

September 14, 2014

From Skyline to Hemline: Parachute Silk Wedding Dresses

I recently got a phone call from a lovely lady who was finding new homes for some beautiful old clothes & jewelry.  She mentioned a wedding gown of parachute silk - which made my heart skip a beat - but in the same breath, she let me know the local military museum had gratefully received it as a donation.

That got me started thinking about parachute silk in general, and whether or not wedding gowns were truly made from the Air Force-issued parachutes of the betrothed.

Sure enough... from about 1944, here's starlet Elyse Knox draping herself in the silk from the parachute of fiancĂ© Lieutenant Tommy Harmon of the Army Air Forces.  Once a parachute, soon to be a silk wedding dress, this kind of repurposing was one of the ultimate wartime symbols of "make do and mend".  

Lieutenant Harmon survived two air crashes, and used the same parachute when he was shot down over China.  And now it's onto another life, and like my recent phone call, it's hopefully in another museum somewhere today.  

What a story in these wedding gowns!

Source: Life: World War II by Philip B Kunhardt Jr

September 11, 2014

Make Do And Mend, Hollywood Style

Rita Hayworth can scrimp and save like the best of us!  During World War II, the boys at Camp Callan in California named the bombshell actress their "away-from-home mother".  Here she sews a stitch in time on the 1940s suit of one lucky soldier.

Note his unlined suit jacket (due to fabric rationing) and her perfectly smooth legs that seem to have the glowing lustre of fine hosiery.  It looks like Rita may have had a stash of nylon stockings tucked away during the war, while new nylons were practically impossible to get, as their raw material was needed for military parachutes.

Source: Life: World War II by Philip B Kunhardt Jr