July 25, 2012

Miss July

I found this glamorously fresh photo amid our graphic archives today... No note about where she's from, or what year, though she looks mid-1950s.  I thought she captured the spirit of the day in her glorious sun dress.  It's probably cotton, piped in pink and just ravishing with that vivid bouquet.  For the era, this was a politically correct bohemian look, hence the gypsy earrings in oversized pink and white baubles.  A beauty for late July.

July 15, 2012

Eye Candy Circa 1958: Vintage Leru Costume Jewelry

No matter how many jewelry makers we've found in our decades-long hunt for vintage costume jewelry, there are always more names to know.  Leru was an American name in costume jewelry, low-priced and perpetually pretty.  We love to find floral 'gems' like these, especially in sets like those featured in this 1958 Vogue ad for Leru designs.

Vintage Venetian Cuff Jewelry Set
Venetian Cuff - The look of antiqued Venetian gold over simulated mother of pearl...

Vintage Parisian Flowers Jewelry Set
Parisian Flowers - Dainty bouquets, surrounded with delicate mother of pearl leaves and sprigs of gold...

Vintage Grecian Roses Jewelry Set
Grecian Roses - Delicate little hand-enameled roses, hand-set with brilliants.  Offered in pink, white or blue.

Vintage Star Flower Bouquet Jewelry Set
Star Flower Bouquet - Star-petaled flowers, lovely night and day, sprinkled with dew drops of brilliant, colorful rhinestones.

Vintage Waterfall Wafers Jewelry Set
Waterfall Wafers - Cascades of wafer beads, hand-strung with matching faceted brilliants for a bubble-light air.

Vintage Roman Gardens Jewelry Set
Roman Gardens - Beautifully textured Roman gold blooms in a profusion of pastel enamel flowerlets...

Vintage Polynesian Pastels Jewelry Set
Polynesian Pastels - Hand-carved simulated pearl plastics in romantic pastels... set with a king's ransom of jewels.

Check our site for vintage jewelry including sets (parures) like these feminine beauties.  Hope you're enjoying your summer with some fabulous vintage pretties!

July 07, 2012

Vintage Umbrellas & Parasols

Hand-Painted Vintage Asian Birds Paper Parasol
Hand-Painted Birds Asian Paper Parasol

There are a few vintage finds that just thrill us Vixens... and vintage umbrellas are near the top of the list.  They never come in large quantities, so each one feels like a special treasure.  Their fabrics and hand-painting are often exceptional.  And the handles alone are sometimes like works of art, in twisted lucite, gnarled bamboo or modernist textured plastic.

1950s Rouge Dogwood Blossom Pagoda Parasol
1950s Rouge Dogwood Blossoms Pagoda Parasol

 The feel of using one during a summer storm is wonderfully chic, whether you're sheltered by a pagoda-shaped parasol or a Mod 1960s brollie in crystal-clear vinyl.  And so many lend themselves as exquisite decor, propped in a corner or above the armoire until the skies darken.  You'll be wishing for rain!

1940s Black Rainbow Plaid Domed Umbrella with Lucite Handle
1940s Black Rainbow Plaid Domed Umbrella with Lucite Handle