August 10, 2013

Hippie Dress Deja Vu

It's one thing to see a dress on another woman at the same party... it's quite another thing to see a vintage dress year after year, found again and again.  Yet this one has done it:

We've uncovered this dress (well, not this exact one, but copies of it) many times over the years at Vintage Vixen.  I'd assumed it was just a very popular hippie style imported from India.  Until...

This vintage advertisement from 1979 filled in its history a bit.  It was indeed an Indian import, but its presence on the pages of a popular magazine is what must've made it a big seller in the late 70s.

The original ad says this dress is "free-flowing, easy-going fashion that's so zingy, so terrific to wear... every hour, every chance you get!"  Pretty cool that it was an authentic block print.

Notice the vintage price of $19.95, too... in today's dollars this dress would be $64.33!


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