August 25, 2013

1940s Shoes

1940s vintage shoes are ever-popular in vintage clothing shops, because they're sophisticated classics with sexy but elegant details.  Additionally, they're superior quality to so many of the synthetic materials and machine-crafted shoes created today.  Shoe collections often mimic the 1940s shoe styles but the quality of the 40s is absolutely unsurpassable at vintage shoe prices.

These vintage 1940s advertisements showcase a variety of beautiful 1940s shoes.  And check out the names!  These vintage shoes have clever monikers from the 'Cut Up' to the 'Knotty' heel, and of course there's the 'Princess'.  Fabulous!


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  5. "Absolutely adore these vintage shoe ads! The creativity in their names like 'Cut Up' and 'Knotty' is simply delightful. And who can resist the charm of the 'Princess' heel? Such a fabulous glimpse into 1940s fashion and style. A true treasure trove of elegance and ingenuity!"
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