April 20, 2014

17 Ways To Wear a Vintage Dress Clip

Even a seasoned jewelry collector may ignore the vintage dress clip.  They seem like an anomaly.  How do you wear a dress clip, anyway?  Seems like only my grandmother would know.  After all, we don't see dress clips in modern design, so there's a mental block when it comes to using them.

1950s seashells dress clip and matching earrings.

But a dress clip is versatile, kind of like an earring that clips to a garment.  Usually women wore them (and still wear them!) at the V point of a neckline, or in the corners of a square neckline.  And here's a bigger variety of ways to use the "old-fashioned" dress clip:
  • Added to a chain as a pendant for a necklace
  • Worn on a hat
  • Closing a scarf
  • Tipping the point lapels of a collar
  • Clipped onto a pocket
  • Edging the hem of a pair of gloves
  • Made into a sweater clip by joining a chain between them
  • Instead of cufflinks for French cuffs
  • Holding a rolled-up sleeve in a loose cuff
  • Dressing up shoes instead of shoe clips
  • Clipped onto the flap of an envelope purse
  • Slipped onto a simple ring for a cocktail ring look
  • Altered into earrings by a jeweler
  • Converted into a pin by adding a safety pin inside a garment, with the pin's bar exposed to hold the clip
  • Flanking either side of a belt buckle
Antique style dress clips - only $10!

There's always a unique array of vintage dress clips on our website.  Now that you have a unique list of ways to wear them, include a dress clip in your next vintage-inspired outfit!

Opal lustre dress clip and matching earrings.


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