April 12, 2014

What's Old In Ottawa: Annual Vintage Clothing Show

The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show is a one-day event held Sunday, April 13, 2014 and we Vixens are there in spirit... the photos on their site are splendid, and the variety looks oh-so-tempting.  And they're in a bigger venue this year (the Ottawa Convention Centre), which is sure to please customers and vendors alike.

On-site dressing rooms are available, but you don't necessarily need to waste time getting into one.  Our usual get-dressed-in-public ensemble is:

  • thin opaque camisole
  • opaque tights
  • simple elastic-waist skirt
  • open front jacket
 You can peel off the jacket and skirt for impromptu try-ons at the booth.  And with 50 vendors gathered in one spot, you'll be doing a lot of fabulous fittings!

Canadian Vixens, we want to see photos of you in your favorite finds, so please post 'em.  :)


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