August 12, 2012

Vintage Perry Ellis: 1979 & 1980

 More prints from a friend's collection of vintage Perry Ellis original watercolors.
Collections are Summer 1979 and a 1980 fashion collection titled "Party and Parting" with swatches intact.

Summer 1979.  Cursive in lower right reads "Cotton - Poplin Windbreak -
Macbeth Cotton Knit Strip - Lower Brief(s) Cut - Beach... Play."

1980.  Upper left cursive reads "French Angora sleeveless capelet crew -w- Silk taffeta tucked yoke riding skirt.
Wool Shetland cable-sleeved crew - evening white -w- dark garnet velveteen golfers.
Black french angora strapless cable front peplum -w- plaid silk taffeta riding skirt.
1980.  French Angora 3/4-sleeve sweater with Striped Tissue Taffeta Fullest Skirt.

"Party and Parting" detail.

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