August 22, 2012

Vintage Fashion Photo Shoot

 Here at we plan photo shoots periodically for our front-page photo and ambient images.  We just wrapped one up and wanted to share some of the fun behind the scenes!

Our talented model Elaina came by the office and tried out dozens of new arrivals.  She was so easy to fit, we had too much to choose from!

We decided on accessories, shoes and locations... Then before we know it, shoot day's arrived!  Elaina rocked hair and make-up, while Robin Hagan and her assistant arrived on-site for the first shots.

Strike a pose!  This is a hot 1980s dress that looks like today's off-the-rack.  The original is always better!

Here's a surprise location around the corner from an abandoned building.  Terrific texture and good color composition with our fabulous blonde as the focus.

Then it's on to the beach, where the Head Vixen's little one wanted the spotlight for awhile.  Thankfully storm clouds passed soon after.

On to a date-night dress with a city scape in the background.  We've been going for hours, but both photographers and model charge ahead!

One more change and we finish the beach location with a gorgeous vintage Lillie Rubin design in ombre` chiffon.  Thanks to our hard-working team for a day well spent.  And watch for the finished photos as they appear at Vintage Vixen!