December 29, 2011

Ask The Vixen: Vintage Clothing & Space Bags

A customer's inquiry from Send us your clothing care questions!

Q: You said on your site not to store clothes in bags. What about Space Bags?

A: We do not recommend storing vintage clothing in plastic bags for a few reasons. First, if the clothing is made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, wool or silk), it must be able to "breathe" (expand and contract) as the room temperature changes, and an air-tight bag will not allow this. However, even if you were storing clothing made from all-synthetic fibers, sealing a bag of clothes can hold in moisture which could mildew, and any odors will seem intensified when re-opened.

As I understand it, Space Bags require you to pump out air, which will also make you iron or steam everything once the bag is re-opened. This becomes a trade-off between saving space and spending time. I hope this helps!

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