December 29, 2011

Ask The Vixen: Red Clothes In The Washer

Q: I washed a pair of jeans and I had a RED shirt in there, and it stained my jeans I've got these pink spots on my jeans there anyway to get rid of it?

A: You wrote that you've washed a red shirt with a pair of jeans and transferred red dye onto the jeans. I understand how frustrating this is!

If you heat dried these jeans, they are most likely set and the dye won't be removed. Otherwise, rubbing alcohol may remove the dye, but you'll need to soak them probably repeatedly in straight rubbing alcohol. OxiClean is a good alternative though it also requires repeated straight soaks. Make sure to follow the instructions proportionally on the OxiClean box or it may fade the jeans.

You could also try a commercial dye remover (from the grocery) but dye removers are a very harsh option and could also lighten the jeans. I hope this helps!

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