March 25, 2013

Laundry Day

We wash a lot of vintage clothing... A heckuva lot on some laundry days.  Here's a glimpse of our laundry space, complete with Command Central (above).  This is where we keep all the wash items organized.  There's a blue hangtag for each item getting cleaned, which ones are at the dry cleaner's, and original vintage hangtags saved alongside so they can be re-attached.  On the right are a lint roller, mesh bags for delicates, and sundry other tools we like to keep on the corkboard so they don't get lost on the counters.

A few of our vintage dresses soaking it up!   Many of the vintage fabrics we find are in need of stain removal or just a good freshening.  We specialize in new-old stock vintage clothing, so we get many items that are unworn yet have "tan lines" from air pollution in storage.

Here's an example of one cute 1940s print, never worn, yet with rust spots through the print.  It wasn't especially desirable in its rusty condition, so it's getting pampered today with a long soak and carefully applied rust remover.  Now you see them, soon you won't!

There's so many tools in our cabinets for vintage clothing care... here's a peek at a few, and we promise to show you some tricks in-depth in future posts.  Removing the signs of age from vintage clothes is really a labor of love, and laundry day is one of the most challenging parts of our business... but it's an awesome feeling to restore a beautiful vintage find to pristine condition!

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