March 11, 2013

1966 Go-Go Girls

Check out these dance floor moves!  We couldn't resist the looks of these 1960s go-go girls.  They're from a vintage 1966 knit fashion magazine, each with her own signature swingin' style.  The original text says:

Discotheque-ing calls for a special kind of dress - fluid for Go-Go action, low-necked and sleeveless for strenuous dancing.  These styles - one to crochet, two to knit - may also be worn at more sedate parties.

Left: Go-Go Scalloped Dress.  Swinging blue dress has crisp crocheted scallops... Dress gleams as she dances.

Center: Fringe-Trimmed Dress.  Tossing fringe on bottom and tab of blue dress set the "with it" mood.

Right: Discotheque Baby Dress.  High-waisted "Baby Look" dress, favored by young London discotheque-ers.

These vintage dresses were meant to be created at home, a popular and productive hobby in the mid-1960s.  And despite the descriptions, these dresses are more suited for the office than the discotheque, though the look echos a swinging London style.  For a really authentic go-go look, shop for psychedelic prints, flared bell sleeves, chain-link details and thigh-high hems.  Think Laugh-In and you've got the right idea.

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