January 14, 2013

From Gucci With Love

Years ago, a curious inheritor of a very rare Gucci handbag inquired by mail about its authenticity.  And years later, we acquired this same bag with said letter enclosed.

The request was sent to Gucci's Palm Beach location.  Unfortunately Gucci stores do not often authenticate handbags nowadays, but in 1980 when the inquiry was made, it was apparently a free service to all who asked.  This was, of course, a few years before the faux handbag market really expanded, so authentication was not as pertinent as question back then.

Stanley A. Wentling, the gentleman that he was, took the effort on behalf of Gucci's Palm Beach office to both inform and sincerely thank his correspondent.  Only thirty-odd years ago, but it was a different time.
This vintage Gucci shoulder bag is available on our site, or I should say it was available at the time of this writing. It's a terrific find for a Gucci collector!

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