January 22, 2013

Buy This, Not That: Free People

Free People... we love 'em for their vintage-inspired layers and bohemian-street vibe. Here's a few pages from their December 2012 catalog compared to some of Vintage Vixen's latest finds:

Slouch Gray Jacket at Free People, $148, has wing lapels and same-color trim, echoing the lines of our Bonnie Cashin style mohair & leather jacket, $125.  Mohair for less than cotton, and by a haute label, too.

At left, Free People's Striped & Crochet Pullover, $108, a sexy take on the disco era and similarly styled to our zebra-like 1980s stripe sweater.  They've paired it with cutoffs but I'd like it with black jeggings.

Their (not) "vintage" Morrocan plate & fringe necklace, $78, compared to our authentic vintage gypsy chic metal necklace, $24.  Artisan industries have produced bohemian jewelry like this for decades, so vintage necklaces from varying decades often look similar to this hippie classic.

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