January 06, 2012

Undiscovered Vintage Designers: Jackfin

Vintage Jackfin Pant Suits Label
When I was a teenager and had just started VintageVixen.com, I soon found a label I loved: Jackfin. Back then, I didn't know if Jackfin had been produced for many years, or was exclusive to one decade.

It turns out they have a pretty specific profile in the world of vintage clothing. Jackfin labels tend to be:
  • made in the 1960s/early 70s
  • better quality ready-to-wear
  • not often seen, but not sought after by most collectors
  • almost always pants outfits

The look is clean, sophisticated and always well put-together, as the ensembles are usually a jacket & pant, or shirt & pant. Occasionally we will see a skirt set, and often the shirt and its separate have long since been parted, so you'll find just the one piece or the other.

I've always placed Jackfin as something a forward-thinker would wear, definitely a Women's Libber in the 70s, who thought of her clothes (even everyday outfits) as investments. Today they're surprisingly affordable, often priced less on our site than the vintage price listed on the original tag.


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