January 04, 2012

She's a Doll! 70s Paper Doll Fashions

In our travels, we run across some real treasures that we can't wait to share with you because they're so interesting and vintage clothing-related.

Straight from the vintage vault is this fabulous 1977 paper doll.
Introducing... Denim Deb!

Denim Deb's stylish attire for business or play.

It's a wonderful day for a picnic and so many clothes to choose from!

Denim Deb is feeling a bit more bohemian today with all these hippie clothes. It's a great day to relax and enjoy living in the 70s.

If you are looking at any of these pieces of clothing and are wishing they'd come to life, visit Vintagevixen.com to view our similar 1970s vintage clothes.


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  4. OMG! I had this paper doll! One of my favorites - thanks so much for sharing. It brings back so many memories of playing clothing designer!

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