September 03, 2011

New Look, New Items, New Sales!

Blog posts just don't get any better than this! Our new site design was unveiled today, after 1 1/2 years in the making. Check it out and enjoy all the new features:

  • Items on hold are whisked away from the catalog, so that fresh eyes see only available items.
  • Photos are bigger and better than ever, with zoom options and slide show styling.
  • Categories are super-detailed! Just about any category you can imagine - from aprons to smoking jackets - has its own place now. And sections once piled all together (like children's clothing) are now neatly sorted by age and type of item.
  • Sizes have shifted to keep up with modern-day size standards. We've always listed our clothing according to modern sizes, not vintage sizes. But modern sizes themselves shifted downward a few years ago, so we've followed suit. For example, if you were a size 10 on our site before, you're now a size 8.
  • Shipping's a breeze with real-time shipping quotes based on your cart's contents. Instant shipping options appear for international customers too!
  • Sale items are now browsed per category, and newly discounted items were posted on September 4.
  • Paypal is now integrated with our shopping cart, and tracking is available from your customer account. 24/7 access to order status too.
We hope you love the new look as much as we do. Please let us know feedback. Meantime we're polishing the site over the next few days, and plan to add new items faster and with a flourish never before seen on our site.


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