September 19, 2011

Missoni for Vintage Vixen

We wish! :) But we do sell Missoni, and here's our current selection.

When Missoni debuted at Target, we Vixens were both delighted and a bit befuddled by the endeavor. Missoni in our eyes is an iconic label of Italy, so luxuriously lofty in price and poshonality that adding Target to the mix seemed incongruous.

But then I remembered the disjointed feeling Missoni and other haute labels might have toward we resellers of vintage fashion. We're incredibly inexpensive in comparison, though we sell the original vintage versions full of their own poshonality (I guess I'm making that a word). We don't have to license use of Missoni, or Chanel, or Gucci, even though we sell authentic labels. We're blissfully off the hook because we're selling prior seasons' looks, but without the pomp and circumstance of major design companies.

I guess that makes our site a miniature parallel universe to the smashing success that has been Missoni for Target. And we're over the wonderment of "why'd you do it, Missoni"? Instead we're in line for some of their best designs. And if you give it a decade or two, soon enough they'll be resold at places like Vintage Vixen. And so it goes.

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