February 24, 2011

This Blog's A-Rollin'!

Welcome to the "grand opening" of VintageVixen.com's blog! I started writing this blog a couple months ago, quietly and cautiously as I wasn't certain I'd have time for it. I really have enjoyed its dress rehearsal, and I'm proud to post it for the public now. There are 10 articles thus far - I'd love for you to take a peek! All are fashion history-focused, most about vintage clothing and our business online.

When we started VintageVixen.com in 1997, there were almost no sites available for vintage clothing. The idea of buying a vintage dress online was totally new, and we were on the wild frontier along with a few other enthusiastic pioneers. It's been nearly fourteen years and we're still experiencing new and exciting things in this niche business.

I remember wistfully thinking a decade ago that it'd be so nice to have an outlet in which to write about my passion. I write the catalog for VintageVixen.com so I was indeed doing that already, but expanding into articles and really going long-form was new to me. Eventually I started a little hub of articles but then our family grew, and with babies I had to curtail my spare-time project.

So at long last I'm writing again. I look forward to comments and suggestions for articles. Meantime my next post will be shameless eye candy - a visual treasury of Lilli Ann suits.

I hope you'll join me as we explore the fabulous world of vintage clothing!


  1. I am a big fan of vintage polo shirts and I am really interested in the origins of the shirts? This may be a good idea for a post. Keep up the great work!

  2. This may be a good idea for a post. Vintage clothing is love!