September 02, 2013

Investment Puzzle Pieces

Just another reason we love vintage suits!  They interlock like puzzle pieces in myriad ways.  A suit ensemble that includes a jacket, shell and skirt can be worn in many variations... jacket with pants, skirt with turtleneck, or just the shell paired with another suit entirely.  The list goes on...

And here's a perfect illustration.  This 1971 article pictures a Junior Sophisticates red jacket & navy skirt (at left) and a vintage Anne Klein suit shown in pairings as originally sold.

The following page changes it up, with Anne Klein's vintage blazer paired with the Junior Sophisticates skirt and vice versa. 

A great example of why you should wear vintage suits, complete with antique auto and cheeky Bonnie & Clyde styling.  Vintage suits dovetail into modern closets pretty effortlessly, too, because the classic tailored look is just that - classic.  A smart investment in vintage style!

Source: January 1971 McCall's Magazine.


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