July 28, 2013

1970 Not 1870

These grand dames have the look of Godey's ladies from the late Victorian era, though their eccentric colors suggest a more recent vintage.  They're actually a nostalgic fashion print repurposed into a wrapping paper that was mass-produced in the 1970s.

In the 1970s, fashion was more multi-faceted than in prior decades, as fashion-savvy women adopted divergent looks in the pursuit of individualism.  One of those facets was the antique look.  All things nostalgic were again fashionable, a development alongside late 1960s bohemia and in parallel with the birth of the first vintage clothing stores.

Clothes that were once "old-fashioned" were again freshly viewed as new fashion, with references to endearing accents like granny squares and granny boots.  Here's a few items from our current inventory that are 1970s, not 1870s, though the look certainly is antique:

As you can see, 1970s designers took the romance of the Victorian era and styled it with beautiful antique panache.  So if you were born a century too late for the 1870s, or a decade too late for the 1970s, there's still plenty of vintage finds to enjoy!

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