June 07, 2013

On The Road Again

1964 Vintage Clothing By Jantzen
Load up the convertible!  These 1964 vintage vixens
are on their way.

Working online as a vintage clothing dealer usually means a lot of isolation within our little sphere.  Inside the office it's a beehive of activity (and we enjoy the dickens out of each other)!  But we're cut off from the outside world for the most part, with only the phone and a Wifi connection as the conduit to our customers.

It's a treat to work in this cozy comfort zone most of the time, but once in a while a Vixen needs fresh air.  And - because we're into vintage clothes - we also "need" musty basements.  We recently got a chance for both when the phone rang.


"Yes, do you buy clothing?"

"We do.  What do you have?"

And the conversation begins.  Usually it's a few pieces or a few boxes' worth, and they're shipped here.  For local people we go on appointments.  But then there are the trips.

This weekend begins a fun-filled trip to Philadelphia and points north, where we'll revel in the fashions kept by a family inhabiting the same house for 103 years.

Fun?  You betcha.  Fresh air?  Well, some. 

Bon voyage!

Source: McCall's Magazine, May 1964.

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