May 21, 2013

Dressing Great Gatsby Style

As The Great Gatsby debuts on-screen, vintage vixens far and wide will be craving flapper looks in the coming seasons.  Already their presence is seen on the runway, where rugby style stripes are pairing with fluid, femme Gatsby style jerseys.

Au Revoir by Georges Barbier, 1924.

The look was pioneered by Gatsby's fictional flappers and real-life fashionistas of the 1920s.  Everyone from the forward-thinking local gal to the haute designer Coco Chanel was wearing their hair short and their dresses high (though Coco couldn't bear to bare her own knees, or anyone else's, in her fashion collections).

Regardless of Coco's decorum, she and the rest of 1920s fashion offered us worthy looks we're inspired by.  And sometimes inspiration is all we can take from some garments of this era.  Because the 1920s were nearly a century ago, original 1920s clothing is often fragile (read: unwearable) but take heart, there are flapper looks made in later decades. 

Also, it's often easier to shop 20s jewelry and flapper accessories like long strings of beads and the ever-chic 1920s cloche hat.  Beautiful flapper finds both antique and recent can be had at vintage clothing shops, and the varied looks, from Deco to darling, are simply the bee's knees.  Here's a profile of our favorite looks:

Flapper Afternoon

The Sporting Look

Evening Drama
Vintage fashion has graciously copied motifs from the classic flapper era and reworked them time and again, most notably with the premiere of 1959 film Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe and through the mid-1960s. We offer a variety of clothes not only from the 1920s, but reprised decades later and still reminiscent of 20s flapper style finds.
Until next time, Vixens... 23-skidoo!


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