February 04, 2013

Vixen At Work: Spiral Beaded Jacket

Being in the vintage clothing business means knowing how to sew.  At least in my experience it does.  And one of the most satisfying things I enjoy about my job is putting together the puzzle of a vintage piece that deserves the time and effort.  So when a customer ordered this wonderful spiral motif beaded jacket, my fingers got to work.
It's a beauty from the 1960s, originally titled our Gorgeous 1960s Black Cardigan with Spiral Beads & Rhinestones.  Its description read:
Like radiating rings of water, these beautiful spirals overlap with dewy rhinestone accents scattered among the beadwork.  It's a mid-1960s cardigan with the feel of a soft jacket, designed with a low jewel neckline and slim bracelet-length sleeves.  It's a boxy silhouette that skims the hip.
But to make it beautiful again, I had some sewing hours ahead of me.  These before & after shots give a glimpse of the missing lines made whole again.
 You might wonder how or why we don't repair items before they're ordered. Sometimes we do. It depends on the particular damage, where it's located and how long it would take to repair. We assess every item when it's processed.

I took a trip to our local bead shop to find the exact bugle beads to match this jacket.  That's a treat in itself.  If I had a bit of "me" time, The Bead Room is where I'd spend it.  But I needed to get back for my workday.  This kind of bead repair is tedious, because of the small pieces and the careful placement required.  Just the kind of challenge I like!


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