December 07, 2012

Rockabilly Dancer Mid-Twirl

A hepcat and his rockabilly kitten at the dance hall in the mid-1950s.

This fantastic image captures so many facets of rockabilly vintage fashion... First, we've got to acknowledge that incredible leopard jacket on the guy!  And note the triangle-pointed sideburns and quintessential two-tone shoes.  Super cool.... we'd like to see that closet.

But on to the Vixen... this gal, she's a-rockin!  And she's a stellar example of what goes on under a vintage full skirt of the 1950s.  Let's break it down... First, that skirt is a true circle.  You can tell because as she swings around, the fabric of the skirt hem lifts as high as the waist of it.  A skirt that skimps on fabric wouldn't flare up and out like that, instead it would just "bell" out with the hem remaining low.

Then there's the essential petticoat, probably in tulle or maybe organdy.  It looks like it's designed to be two layers, though we do hear of young ladies who doubled and tripled their petticoats in the 50s for extra "flounce".

Everything else from panties to shoes is a seductive black, a fabulous contrast with the light-colored dress.  The panties are probably full-cut like most in the 1950s, very much the look Bettie Page was known for.  The garters usually attach to a garter belt, though sometimes it's a panty-garter combo.  And the stockings are fishnet, of course.  Va-va-va-voom!

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Photo Source: The Way We Lived: The 20th Century.


  1. Love this picture with the stockings! Any suggestions on where to get some rockabilly style hosiery? Anything patterned with lots of color?

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