February 25, 2012

Lingerie Catwalk Circa 1962

A photo like this is not risque` today, but when you consider the period in which it was taken... ooh la la, that was a brazen lady! She's modeling lingerie, it's strapless and bareback, and she's strutting well above the crowd to do it.

One of the coolest things about fashion history is watching women push the envelope of what's acceptable. This woman was part of a European show for Aubade lingerie circa 1962. She's perky, charming and selling the line beautifully, despite what scandal some might've perceived at the time.

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Reference: 1000 Dessous by Gilles Neret, a Taschen publication

Note: The source states that this "catwalk parade" happened in 1952, but the Aubade brand did not exist until 1958. We have taken the liberty to assume the date was meant to be 1962, judging by Aubade's history and the styling of this model & her audience.


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