November 15, 2011

A Suit of Clothes

Once upon a time, a gentleman did not wear a suit. He wore instead “a suit of clothes”. This rather elegant phrase was abbreviated only with the rush and bustle of the Industrial Revolution. And beginning early in the 20th century, ladies borrowed the idea of a man’s suit for themselves.

The look was powerful, wonderfully sexy, and ever-fabulous. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are a few of the many beautiful suits and designer labels we’re to post in the next day or so:

Incredibly fine Lilli Ann, circa early 1950s.

A full view of Lilli Ann suit.


For a cougar on the prowl. This suit is all-silk and simply sumptuous.


A beautiful black cocktail suit by St John. Just add martini!

This update includes high-end labels like Chanel & Gucci, loads of St John and classic-to-kitsch business wear with many a “suit of clothes”. We have added links to these beauties. Click to view!

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