September 19, 2012

Fall Collections Then & Now

A clever peek at Harper's Bazaar 2012 fall trends compared to the New York collections highlighted in Vogue's September 1969 issue.  What comes around goes around, and this season it's vintage deja vu!

We've paired the trends declared "latest" alongside 1969 images and captions:

Monochromatic Ensembles


Black velvet plus black mink... black-dyed mink lapping at the hem of a marvellous little wrapped moire-velvet coat and making fluffs of cuffs on the trousers.  With a white silk shirt, plus long ropes of violet pearls and thick-soled sandals.  Bill Blass turn-out. . . Beads by Charles Elkaim: Henri Bendel.  Rings by Vendome.  Mademoiselle sandals, to order: Lord & Taylor. 
 The short evening dress and high shiny boots, that's the good look for the good parties this year - white silk crepe shirtdress, buttoned and necktied in glitter; white satin sash and boots.  By Shannon Rodgers for Jerry Silverman.  With its own rhinestone belt, about $145.  At Miss Bergdorf of Bergdorf Goodman... Jewelled tie by Kramer.  Marvella rings... Doro sash... Golo boots.

Hunting Attire


The Bronte cape, a circle of black cashmere falling long and soft from a pointy collar - romantic as mist and moors over an ankle-length shirtdress with a black angora top and green scissor-slashed wool skirt.  Turnout by Oscar de la Renta. . . Hat by Adolfo for Oscar de la Renta.  Rings by Sant' Angelo, Frances Hirsch.  Shoes by I. Miller.

This little pigskin's really going to town; long belted coat and matching pigskin pants with a long, belted dark-green jersey shirt - plus a good dash of hat, long slash of chiffon scarf... a smash of a look for fall.  Turnout by Halston.  Boots by Carel for Halston, at Bloomingdale's.  Rings by Robert Originals.

Modern Military
 Sky grey, with a Napoleonic collar, a steely-grey glint of buttons and buckle... and, underneath, an India-pink satin shirt to light up the sky.  Calvin Klein coat, about $130. . . Gunmetal-grey leather brogues: I. Miller.

The long Regency jacket, flecked brown wool; a pink tie; fur muff.  Kickerino boots.

Aristocratic Chic 
Like something glimpsed in the Unicorn Tapestries, or perhaps in some Tres Riches Heures - scarlet and sable-brown moire velvet with sable circling each wrist and flung languorously down the back.  By Donald Brooks... rayon velvet and natural Russian sable.  At Saks Fifth Avenue... Gloves by Hansen.  Belt by Calderon, at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Black velvet mounted with ormolu scrolls, gold bullion and shinestones blazing a mock bolero.  Nat Kaplan; rayon velvet.
About $250. Saks Fifth Avenue... Necklace by Kenneth Lane for Laguna.  Hansen gloves. 


The luxe turnout for evening; cloth-of-gold pants and long-line jewel-belted tunic... small, lightly shaped coat in copper-and-gold geometric brocade lined with dark mink tails... and the head tied up tight in gilded brocade - beautiful!  By Ben Reig... Turban by Giorgio di Sant' Angelo: Bonwit Teller.

The sari-cloth shirtdress, golden, gauzy, muffled at the neck, with a vest of gilt links thrown over - a little belted breeze wafting along on gilded big-cat boots...  Solid Art vest and Mark XIV rings: Bonwit Teller.  Round-The-Clock tights.  Pappagallo boots.

Ensemble captions by Diana Vreeland, Vogue, September 1969.


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